Retire Unwanted Assets and Equipment Safely

End-of-term options

Our solution includes recycling and repurposing solutions aligned with your sustainability commitments and fully compliant with applicable green legislation.


We offer you options to extend your rentals on a casual basis, should there be delays in delivering replacement stock from your suppliers. You also have the option to extend the rental agreement and continue using the asset.

Return or settle

Hand the equipment back to RentWorks at the end-of-term or settle with us at the fair market value and gain full ownership.

Staff Portal

Allows you to give your staff the option to purchase the device(s) they have been using. Speak to your RentWorks specialist to learn more about this online offering.


RentWorks will assume that all redundant assets are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Our warehouses are registered with eWASA.


As a RentWorks customer, you can choose to enhance your own CSI credentials through sponsoring a turnkey computer lab for a school or by donating legacy equipment to an educational institution – ask us how!

More about our CSI initiative