Retire Unwanted Assets and Equipment Safely

Looking for a straightforward, cost-effective, and environmentally sound way to dispose of obsolete or redundant inventory? Whether you’ve reached the end of your rental contract or simply want to retire obsolete assets and equipment safely, we will take on the hassles and liability.

Dispose and Return

With illegal dumping and donating difficulty, have you found that destroying outdated assets can be costly and risky, even before you consider data security?

Disposing of unwanted assets or equipment safely is another reason why renting makes sense. At the end of the lease, we take the assets through a robust process at end-of-term. When the rental period ends, you simply return the equipment to us, without any hassle or liability.

We will then either refurbish and remarket it or dispose of it in a way that is in accordance with environmental regulations and responsibilities. Sensitive data will be erased before any refurbishing or disposal takes place.

RentWorks is a member of the Electronic Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA) and only uses eWASA-approved recyclers.

CSI Partner Programme

RentWorks runs a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative focused on ensuring that South Africa’s under-resourced schools can access the latest technology, inexpensively. Through the initiative, we supply and maintain fully-equipped IT Labs to schools in underprivileged areas.

Clients and partners are encouraged to get involved and help if they can, by either sponsoring an initiative as part of their own CSI programme or by donating equipment.

More about our CSI initiative