Your Asset Lifecycle

There is more to just acquiring an asset or piece of equipment than the initial transaction. Your business needs are fulfilled, but the asset might need regular maintenance and proper disposal when it reaches the end of its life.

Discover how our unique approach to rental financing and active asset lifecycle management will turn your procurement strategy into a competitive advantage:


Asset Lifecycle Management

You benefit from using assets and equipment, not owning them. Having the latest technology and equipment is an important part of staying competitive, but it can be an expensive struggle to keep up all the time.


Why use shareholders’ cash or make use of traditional finance solutions to purchase assets that require regular replacement and disposal, when rentals offer you a superior solution? Transform your acquisition into a sustainable competitive advantage by having access to lower premiums, reduced administration, and flexible options to suit your business and cash flow requirements.

Retire Unwanted Assets and Equipment Safely

Looking for a straightforward, cost-effective, and environmentally sound way to dispose of obsolete or redundant inventory? Whether you’ve reached the end of your rental contract or simply want to retire obsolete assets and equipment safely, we will take on the hassles and liability.

Manage your Assets Intelligently

Managing your assets intelligently will enable you to deploy them for maximum effectiveness, improving uptime, and reliability, which ensures faster recovery from losses, while helping your organisation transition smoothly from existing to new equipment.