Frequently Asked Questions

What type of assets does RentWorks finance?

RentWorks proudly deals in both the public and private sectors. Here is an overview of the asset classes our services cover:

We can tailor a structured fleet solution based on your business’s needs.

What are the benefits of leasing equipment over buying it?

  • Optimise your cash flow.
  • The most effective funding option
  • Stretch your budget and gives you leverage over your buying power.
  • Avoid complex CAPEX approvals.
  • Fix your equipment costs via fixed rentals.

What are the minimum and maximum rental periods at RentWorks?

The primary term ranges from 12 to 60 months. Kindly take note that these rentals can also be extended at the end of the primary term, thereby providing the client additional use of the asset.

Short-term rentals (such as tablets, notebooks, and computers) are obviously subject to the different minimum and maximum terms. Please click here for more information on our short-term solutions.

In which regions does RentWorks operate?

Currently, we operate throughout South Africa, with offices in the major metropolitan areas, as well as Namibia. Our future vision is to grow into other territories within Southern Africa.

Do you offer insurance on assets I lease?

Yes, we manage insurance assets via our alliance with our insurance provider. We offer leading insurance solutions included in our rental offering and service. Our alliances with best-of-breed insurers offer you peace of mind, excellent service, and market-leading solutions.

Does RentWorks offer an asset tracking option?

Yes, our asset tracking solution is available either as an integrated part of our leasing solution, or as a standalone offering.

What happens to the assets at the end of my lease term?

That depends on you. You can choose to return the assets to us, renew your lease at a reduced rate, or rent the equipment on a casual basis.

We can also assist you with the recycling or disposal of your owned assets if required.

What industries does RentWorks operate in?

We operate in a wide variety of industries across the private and public sectors, including:

We are always looking to expand our range of solutions, so if your industry is not listed here, get in touch and let’s talk about whether we can assist you.

Can RentWorks help me source my assets?

Yes, we can assist you in sourcing and acquiring your assets, whether you’re looking for new equipment, refurbished equipment, a sale-and-rent-back option, or short-term tablet, notebook, or computer rentals.

Can you finance cross-border?

Not as yet, but chat to us – we may be able to provide a solution based on your actual requirement.

What are the minimum requirements for me to become a RentWorks client?

There are six minimum requirements that need to be met before you can become a RentWorks client:

  1. Your company must be a registered South African entity;
  2. It needs a minimum annual turnover of R2 million;
  3. It must have been in business for at least three years;
  4. It needs to meet the standard credit vetting rules of our funders;
  5. We offer clients a minimum finance value of R50 000; and
  6. Our maximum (repayment/leasing/finance) term is 5 years.

My question is not here. How do I find an answer?

Please contact us and we will do our best to answer your question.

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