Free up cash with RentWorks Namibia’s flexible IT rental solutions

The rapid datedness of technology equipment makes acquiring new technology an expense, not a capital investment. Understandably, more companies and SMEs are choosing to rent their equipment, rather than tie up cash by purchasing them outright. At RentWorks Namibia, our residual investment model provides our clients with the benefit of not paying the full capital cost of the asset. This allows a business to utilise freed-up cash where you need it most.

RentWorks Namibia understands that companies are facing huge strain and keeping a keen eye on their bottom-line. As a trusted specialist provider of asset finance, we can offer you innovative and agile solutions to keep your financials liquid and maximise your purchasing power – whatever your IT requirements.

Tailormade, true value

As opposed to traditional finance options, RentWorks Namibia offers a true rental solution, thereby affording the financial flexibility required in any business. From a funding perspective, customers benefit from lowered cashflows, no deposits, and can access assets easier. Time is money, which means customers benefit from properly utilised assets.

At RentWorks Namibia, we tailor specific solutions for companies or SMEs, enabling businesses to utilise the full benefits of a true operating lease, structured with a guaranteed residual value component for the efficient running of a business without asset acquisition or disposal hassles.

A superior business solution
Why use shareholders’ cash or make use of traditional finance solutions to purchase assets that require regular replacement and disposal, when rentals offer you a superior solution? Our rental solutions empower companies to reduce their equipment costs with regular, predictable payments. On top of this, no deposit is required upfront!

Deposits are usually required to reduce the risk for a funder but at RentWorks Namibia, we want to afford our clients every opportunity to derive an income and utilise their cash in the best way possible. You can keep the deposit and start thinking of ways you can make that deposit work for your business. Thanks to our no-deposit promise, companies can take advantage of lower repayments and interest rates.

Dealing with depreciation
When older IT equipment is replaced or deemed no longer useful, organisations tend to stash it in a storeroom – creating an IT equipment graveyard that ultimately becomes a frustration.

If your unused IT equipment is less than 24 months old, you can sell it to us and turn your tech graveyard into cash!

On the other hand, if your used IT equipment is over 24 months old and has reached the end of its lifecycle, you might be looking for a cost-effective and environmentally sound way to dispose of your redundant inventory. Disposing of unwanted assets or equipment safely is another reason why choosing RentWorks Namibia makes sense.

You can also look forward to these additional benefits when choosing RentWorks Namibia:

  • Enjoy complete peace of mind: We offer the lowest premiums within the Namibian market for laptops and desktops and have an established reputation and proven track record based on RentWorks South Africa’s successful model.
  • Get the exact solution you want and nothing else: We will tailor every aspect of the agreement to suit your needs, allowing you to plan with confidence and budget with precision.
  • Benefit from asset lifecycle management: Asset intelligence streamlines every aspect of your asset management lifecycle, reducing your costs and simplifying the management of your assets.

Keep up with technological advances while meeting your financial and business requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to IT rental financing and active asset lifecycle management on +264 61 229 226

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