Give your clients more flexibility with RentWorks Namibia’s IT rental solutions

Companies seeking improved cash flows are looking for new ways to acquire their equipment and free up more cash to improve business operations. Why force potential customers to make use of internal cash or traditional finance solutions to purchase assets that require regular replacement and disposal, when renting is the superior solution for both suppliers and customers?

At RentWorks Namibia, we understand that companies are facing huge strain and keeping a keen eye on their bottom line. As a trusted specialist provider of asset finance, we can offer innovative and agile solutions, while you get to keep your clients who wish to rent their assets.

Why renting simply makes business sense

As opposed to traditional finance options, RentWorks Namibia offers a true rental solution, thereby affording the financial flexibility required in any business. From a funding perspective, customers benefit from lowered cashflows, no deposits, and can access assets easier.

We also tailor specific solutions for suppliers, so their clients are free to utilise the full benefits of a true operating lease, structured with a guaranteed residual value component for the efficient running of a business without asset acquisition or disposal hassles.

Our rental solutions empower your clients to lock in lower equipment costs with regular, predictable payments. On top of this, no deposit is required upfront! Deposits are usually required to reduce the risk for a funder but at RentWorks Namibia, we want to afford our clients every opportunity to derive an income and utilise their cash in the best way possible. Thanks to our no-deposit promise, companies can take advantage of lower repayments and interest rates.

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