Outsourced Rental Partnerships

Being able to offer your clients an attractive, competitive rental solution is fast becoming a key differentiator.

Outsourced rental partnerships

As a supplier, you may not want to impact your sales recognition, limit your access to the credit lines you need for core growth or have to manage the risks associated with end of-term rented asset disposal. That’s where RentWorks comes in – we have the necessary knowledge of changing regulatory and legislative complexities, plus expertise in specialised financial and asset management.

Solutions tailored to meet supplier and client needs

Our outsourced rental solutions allow you to offer competitive, market-leading solutions to your clients, whether you have an existing rental book or plan to introduce a new rental programme. We have a long track record of setting up successful rental programmes with leading local and international suppliers, having designed and deployed multiple tailormade, rental programmes to align to both client and supplier requirements.

We are fully compliant with all applicable data-protection protocols, including POPIA and GDPR.