Outsourced Rental Partnerships

Being able to offer your clients an attractive, competitive rental solution is fast becoming a key differentiator. Yet doing so requires a thorough knowledge of changing regulatory and legislative complexities, coupled with specialised financial and asset management.

As a supplier, you might not want to impact your sales recognition, limit your own credit line usage required for core growth, manage the hassles of end of-term rented asset disposal, increase your business risks, or carry residual risk positions.

Solutions Tailored to Meet Supplier and Client Needs

Our outsourced rental solutions allow you to offer a competitive, market-leading solution to your clients, whether you plan to introduce a new rental programme, have your own existing rental book, currently work through a single or dual-funder solution, or are frustrated by your current internal or external rental incumbent.

We have an established, impeccable track-record in setting up successful rental programmes with leading local and international suppliers. We have implemented and tailored a variety of business models to ensure you and your clients’ requirements are met and the required outcomes are achieved.

We guarantee full non-disclosure and confidentiality of information, including the business model, to ensure you retain your competitive advantage.