Frequently Asked Questions for Flexi-Rent

You can rent from one week up to years, with the option to extend any rental period. We specialize in providing rentals for needs and events with flexible terms.

Our turn-around time is approximately 2 business days.

Each of our machines gets tested, cleaned, and virus-free. Throughout every phase of our product lifecycle, our technicians maintain quality control through rigorous documentation and procedures.

Equipment may be extended for any duration beyond the original rental period by contacting our Flex-Rent Salesperson. Equipment not returned on time or delayed may result in additional fees.

Our superior quality of customer service and flexible rental options set us apart from our competitors.

No deposit requred, the first months rental must be paid before the equipment can be dispatched

No, rentals are quoted for the month or part thereof.

Seven day notice period.

You will be billed for a full month, every month until the equipment is returned

Yes computer hardware may be upgraded at an additional cost, which will be incorporated into the rental amount

All around South Africa, we offer free delivery.

No,insurance is automatically offered and covered in the rental amount

We specialise in rentals of laptops, desktops and monitors but may extend our offering to all other IT equipment dependent on availability

We primarily rent out our Flexi-Rent IT services to registered businesses rather than individuals for personal use. We advise visiting the Re.Works website if you want to look at more options at reasonable prices to purchase.

We will provide a swop-out unit within 48 hours

No, we, unfortunately, are not able to offer technical support.

Once we receive your rental request, we send you a quote. Once you accept this quote our warehouse will be asked to prepare, check and setup your machine. If your computer rental request is standard we have equipment ready and waiting to be checked and cleaned. You will be required to complete a rental application form that provides us with some of your company details and a credit application must be completed and approved by our Credit committee. Once Credit has approved, a rental contract will need to be signed and the first payment is required up front. We can have your computer or laptop rental delivered to you within 48 hours thereafter. If there are no delays, this process can take up to five business days.

Yes, to find out more contact our sales team.

With a minimum requirement of just 5 units.

Rental is due upfront, each month. The first rental must be paid before the equipment is dispatched to you

A minimum of five units must be rented in order to qualify for a one-month lease. We advise visiting the Re. Works website if you want to look at more options at reasonable prices to purchase.

Yes, the discount depends on both the rental term and the quantity of items rented at Flexi-Rent. The specific details and amount of the discount may vary depending on the specific rental agreement and long-term negotiated with Flexi-Rent. It is recommended to contact the sales representative directly for more information on their discount policies.