At RentWorks, we are not just a rental and financial services company – we are growth catalysts. We are partners who want to understand your unique requirements and craft innovative and flexible solutions to suit your specific business needs. Whether you are a public or private healthcare provider, our flexible asset rental solutions can help you deal with equipment obsolescence, match the rental expense from income generated, and preserve cash flow.

Our solution also empowers you to fix your equipment costs with regular, predictable payments. On top of this, no deposit is required upfront! Deposits are usually required to reduce the risk for a funder but at RentWorks, we want to afford our clients every opportunity to derive an income and utilise their cash in the best way possible. You can keep the deposit and start thinking of ways to make that deposit work for your business.

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Does your radiology practice need a cash injection?

Not only is radiology a highly specialised field but equipment is being developed at a lightning pace. This means that keeping up with the latest, state-of-art technology to produce high-quality diagnostic images can be very expensive. Except if you utilise RentWorks’s tailormade radiology solutions.