The latest medical equipment and technology is expensive, has a limited lifespan, and is a business tool rather than an asset. It is something that should be budgeted for as an ongoing expense needed to run your hospital or practice.

Whether you are a public or private healthcare provider, our flexible asset rental solutions can help you deal with equipment obsolescence, match the rental expense from income generated, and preserve cash flow.

Structuring Options and Solutions

We offer various structuring options to suit your business requirements, including pay-for-use, PFMA-compliant rental solutions, PPP project solutions, along with regular technology replacement cycles for high-end users and flexible end-of-term options, including ownership or residual balloon structures.

Generally, it is cheaper than your weighted cost of capital and the only PFMA-approved funding mechanism other than cash, asset rental enables you to stretch limited budgets and leverage your buying power by as much as 250%.

We also offer all-inclusive solutions that enable you to accurately forecast future cash flow without incurring additional costs.

This is how renting will give you the equipment you need today, while spreading the payment across its useful life in your operation.