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Are you running outdated, inefficient systems or accumulating surplus, redundant equipment that needs replacement? Have you recently acquired new equipment or are about to incur a large investment?

We provide a comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management Solution tailored to your needs within the context of your asset requirements, the industry environment and prevailing market conditions. We call this process Asset Intelligence because it encompasses every aspect of your assets’ lifecycles — from procuring and insuring to tracking, upgrading and disposal, all at highly competitive rates and with fixed payments that allow for accurate budgeting.

You’ll enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the latest equipment, then simply return, replace or upgrade it when the agreement comes to an end. RentWorks can also buy your existing assets and place it on an agreed rental programme.

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Why flexible short-term rentals are the way forward for SA businesses

After two years of business interruptions and economic uncertainties, it’s important that South African companies become fully operational regardless of ever-changing environments. Using RentWorks’s bespoke, short-term rental solutions is one way to achieve this.Why? Because our rental solutions keep the pressure away from your business’s cash flow while ensuring access to equipment remains consistent.