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RentWorks rolls out SAP

RentWorks, South Africa’s leading asset rental company, has recently implemented SAP. The advantages of this are numerous, from being able to maximise efficiency throughout the company’s entire IT system, to providing customers with improved service.

5 Tips for Capital Procurement in 2014

Looking at the South African financial landscape, 2014 doesn’t look like a particularly rosy year if you consider that the interest rate was recently hiked by 50 base points to stave off inflation, with predictions that it may increase further this year.

RentWorks Africa Launches In Namibia

On 3 January 2014, RentWorks Africa, South Africa's largest independent asset rental company, will launch in Namibia. RentWorks, owned by FirstRand Group, was established in 1998 and was the first company to offer genuine residual-based rental solutions.

Rental industry needs to evolve

Gone are the days when asset rental companies could get by offering run of the mill solutions, says Henk Craucamp, Regional Manager at RentWorks Africa.