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RentWorks announces its acquisition by DölbergPremium

RentWorks, South Africa's largest independent asset rental company, has been acquired by DölbergPremium. The deal is subject to regulatory approval by the Competion Commission of South Africa.

Asset tracking as a management solution

Efficient asset management is an essential component in keeping an organisation running smoothly. The proper management of a fleet of assets will translate into operational efficiencies, a good Return on Assets (ROA) and ultimately, an improved bottom line.

Have you considered these asset management challenges?

Many organisations are required to manage large fleets of assets as part of their daily operations. Depending on the nature of the business, these may range from office and computer equipment, to larger, capital items.

Benefits of leasing remain under IFRS 16

As discussed in the previous articles in this series, the new accounting standard for leases – IFRS 16 – requires that companies reporting under IFRS must report all leases on their balance sheets as assets and liabilities.