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Protect your business’s most valuable asset in this pandemic

If I had to choose one word to describe South Africans, it would be resilient. Our triumphs over historical struggles and human injustices show that, when faced with adversity, South Africa is a country that comes together during difficult times.

Investing money in technology can be counter-intuitive

Technology is no longer a beneficial business tool – it is an essential one. The constant evolution of soft- and hardware technologies allow businesses to grow in more agile and efficient ways at a rate that was impossible a few decades ago.

Invoices due 01 April 2020

Please note that our entire team will be working remotely during the lockdown, so it will be business as usual. Should you require any assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact your RentWorks representative via email or mobile, alternatively please email

COVID-19: RentWorks Update

During this difficult and uncertain time, our thoughts and prayers are with the members of our global and local community that are directly impacted by the COVID -19 Virus.