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RentWorks: a fully-integrated rental partner for all your operational needs

The world of work has changed. Permanently. Whether you have chosen to implement a remote, on-site, or hybrid working model, chances are that the last two years have prompted you to relook other facets of your business as well.

Why rising inflation doesn’t have to mean restricted business growth

Rising inflation, interest rate hikes and higher fuel prices offer little reprieve for South Africans in the coming days. On top of this, the government has warned that our country may face a possible fifth wave of COVID infections.

Turn your procurement strategy into a competitive advantage

Learn how to take advantage of rental finance solutions, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of the latest equipment and technology while minimising overall expenses.

Re.Think IT: Down to earth, affordable computing solutions

At Re.Works, we re.furbish laptops, desktops and accessories from the inside out, so you’ll always get an amazing deal! Our IT equipment is completely re.vitalised and tested to ensure you receive optimal performance.