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Changes in off balance sheet lease reporting requirements finalised

IFRS16 is set to bring about significant changes in accounting for leases. This is the first article in a four-part series, which examines the new standard and its impact on business. Readers should not act on the contents of the articles in isolation, but should read all 4 articles together.

Doing more, with less

In South Africa’s tight economic climate, the themes for 2016 are budget cuts and saving cash, especially for the public sector.

E-waste: impacting your business from sustainability to security

E-waste may not seem like a key business issue, but it actually impacts businesses on multiple levels. From data security to regulatory compliance, corporate reputation and generation of job opportunities, e-waste should not be underestimated.

Strategic alliances: an effective growth strategy in a challenging economic environment

With the current tough economic climate in South Africa, new approaches are required for local businesses to survive and thrive. This is the opinion of Kuben Rayan, Group Sales Director at RentWorks, South Africa's largest independent asset rental company.