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Get REAMs of benefits with RentWorks rental solutions

In the past, many companies purchased IT equipment due to the lack of information available about end-of-term options, or because of the misconception that it would end op costing more in the long run. However, in today’s volatile economy, rental options are simply the most logical and business-savvy way forward.

Flexible fleet rentals to meet your needs

Now more than ever, fleet owners are facing a myriad of challenges within the South African market – fuel hikes, extreme maintenance costs, and high operating expenses are just a few of the factors that play a critical role in the future of your business.

Does your radiology practice need a cash injection?

Not only is radiology a highly specialised field but equipment is being developed at a lightning pace. This means that keeping up with the latest, state-of-art technology to produce high-quality diagnostic images can be very expensive. Except if you utilise RentWorks’s tailormade radiology solutions.

Investing in IT: how to get the tech without the cost

The rapid obsolescence of technology equipment makes acquiring technology an expense, not a capital investment. More companies are choosing to rent their equipment, rather than tie up cash by purchasing them outright. Whatever lifecycle your assets or business are in, we have a tailor-made solution to help you free up more cash in your business.