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We invest in every industry

At RentWorks, we are passionate about enabling our customers and suppliers to grow by designing and deploying bespoke asset finance packages, no matter the industry they operate in. From Mining and Construction, IT, Fleet, Business Technology, Material Handling, Telecommunications, Medical to Golf and Turf Equipment, we can be your growth catalysts.

When the chips are down, RentWorks is here to help

The two-year global chip shortage is an ongoing crisis in which the demand for integrated circuits (known as semiconductor chips) exceeds the supply, affecting more than 169 industries. This worldwide problem, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, has spread into a years-long disruption of all things electronic.

How you could benefit from renting your assets

Take advantage of using your assets and equipment, not owning them. By renting the equipment you need today, you can spread the payment across the asset’s useful life and leverage your budget and buying power by up to 250%.

A good network grows your net worth

Your network is like the nervous system of your business – every nerve is connected and carries a message to other parts of your organisation. For it to function properly, it needs the right support in the form of a robust and secure network infrastructure.