Run a more profitable business with RentWorks Namibia’s financing solutions

Given the current economic climate in Namibia, capital expenditure (capex) preservation is key. Consequently, there is a growing demand to find business solutions that preserve cash while ensuring uninterrupted operations.

As an extension of its South African success story that started 26 years ago, RentWorks Namibia was established. Seen increasingly as a popular financing alternative, RentWorks Namibia offers customers a complete range of rental finance solutions, including residual value finance options as well as value-added services. In practice, a rental solution from RentWorks Namibia allows clients to procure a multitude of equipment types they need today by spreading the payment across its useful life, allowing them to maintain cash reserves on higher yielding projects.

Since the solution is affordable, flexible, and scalable, it provides clients with the agility they need to stay ahead of competitors and the rapid change in technology.

Benefitting Namibian businesses

Based in Windhoek, RentWorks Namibia services all major areas within the country. Spearheaded by Regional Sales Head, Dennis Isaaks, clients have access to enhanced funder relationships and synergies, as well as residual value financing solutions across all equipment and asset types. About RentWorks Namibia’s service offering, Mr Isaaks says, “By offering advanced financing solutions that benefit businesses, Namibian companies can meet shifting market demands more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

No deposit, no risk

In a market limited to traditional funding mechanisms, RentWorks Namibia’s residual value-based methodology is proving to be the preferred funding solution. The core differential is the residual risk investment, which offers a true rental as opposed to the traditional finance options, thus reducing the cash flow requirement and affording the financial flexibility required in any business.

The residual value model also negates the traditional up-front deposit that is required, and clients are actively taking advantage of the deposit replacer, one of the financial solutions in the Rentworks Namibia suite. Since there is no large lump-sum required up-front, entering into a rental agreement for depreciating assets frees up capital, which can be used for profit-generating initiatives and investments.

Tailor-made solutions

RentWorks Namibia also offers a range of financial solutions on various asset classes to both the private and public sectors, which includes everything from IT to PABX systems, plant and machinery, vehicles and fleet, as well as medical equipment. The targeted approach and strategic alliances with several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within the mining, construction, corporate, medical, transportation, and tourism industries are proving to be beneficial to all clients.

Renting enables customers to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment, after which it is simply replaced or upgraded when the agreement comes to an end. Not only will RentWorks Namibia aid organisations in easing the economic burden of purchasing assets with rental options, but will also tailor a specific solution for each individual case, enabling companies to utilise all the benefits of a true operating lease.

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