Mining and Construction

Acquiring expensive moveable mining assets can place a significant financial burden on your company and its cash resources. Conserve and optimise your cash flow with our flexible asset rental solutions. By purchasing the equipment you need today, you can spread the payment across its useful working life with flexible end-of-term options to match your business requirements.

Our residual investment not only offers reduced rental premiums, but we also take full responsibility to dispose of the asset at our risk. On larger projects, we also offer financing solutions that provide new funding lines without affecting existing client funder lines.

We’ve got you Covered

We cover the full spectrum of open pit and underground mining assets, and we tailor-make rental solutions to either match your asset, project, finance, business, cash flow, residual, or disposal and risk requirements.

Whether you require the flexibility at the end of the initial period to return the equipment or the option to extend the term, adopted the philosophy of replacing assets at regular hour/ton intervals, want to reduce your rate-per-ton to ensure you win tenders, or simply require additional funding lines, we can tailor the right solution for you.