The cost-effective business solution for getting the latest tech

As an equipment finance solutions business for over 24 years, RentWorks stands out when it comes to cost-effective solutions. With a simple and straightforward business model, the rental payments are guaranteed to be lower than any other South African quote.

When the chips are down, RentWorks is here to help

The two-year global chip shortage is an ongoing crisis in which the demand for integrated circuits (known as semiconductor chips) exceeds the supply, affecting more than 169 industries. This worldwide problem, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, has spread into a years-long disruption of all things electronic.

A good network grows your net worth

Your network is like the nervous system of your business – every nerve is connected and carries a message to other parts of your organisation. For it to function properly, it needs the right support in the form of a robust and secure network infrastructure.

Re.Think IT: Down to earth, affordable computing solutions

At Re.Works, we re.furbish laptops, desktops and accessories from the inside out, so you’ll always get an amazing deal! Our IT equipment is completely re.vitalised and tested to ensure you receive optimal performance.

Why flexible short-term rentals are the way forward for SA businesses

After two years of business interruptions and economic uncertainties, it’s important that South African companies become fully operational regardless of ever-changing environments. Using RentWorks’s bespoke, short-term rental solutions is one way to achieve this.Why? Because our rental solutions keep the pressure away from your business’s cash flow while ensuring access to equipment remains consistent.