Why flexible short-term rentals are the way forward for SA businesses

As South African companies are adopting new working models due to the pandemic, rental solutions need to be flexible too. With many employees making their way back to the office, whether for a few days a week or returning permanently on-site, the need for bespoke rental solutions is becoming less of a value-add and more of an operational requirement. After two years of business interruptions, economic uncertainties, and navigating through various levels of lockdowns, it’s imperative that companies ensure their teams are fully operational regardless of their environment. Unfortunately, these business challenges and dynamics are being felt the world over and getting the right equipment at the right time can pose some difficulties. Unless you use RentWorks for your short-term rental needs.

If there is one thing we have learnt living in a pandemic is that nothing stays the same. Globally, businesses have had to adapt the way they have functioned for decades. In turn, operational needs and requirements have changed drastically. What has remained the same, though, is that all businesses still need a steady cash flow to stay ahead of expenses and make smart investments at opportune times. However, without the right equipment in the right employees’ hands, productivity suffers, which negatively affects operations, service delivery, and eventually the bottom line. This means that when the demand for laptops skyrocketed during the higher lockdown levels, many businesses were forced to purchase laptops or additional desktops to enable remote working set-ups.

Fast-forward a year later and many organisations are realising that what was fit for purpose during lockdown is no longer so in a hybrid working environment, which requires more flexibility. Consequently, a number of these companies are now faced with refreshing their operational environments, such as their physical workspaces, by either replacing or increasing the number of their laptops and desktops. This places a huge strain on their cash flow for the second time in two years. But with RentWorks’ rental solutions, it doesn’t have to.

Take the pressure off your cash flow
One of the greatest benefits of our short-term rental options is that it keeps the pressure away from your cash flow yet your access to equipment remains consistent. That’s because our short-term rentals require no upfront deposits, long-term contracts, or multi-year financing commitments, allowing you to allocate freed up financial resources for other profit-generating initiatives and investments within your business.

Moreover, if your organisation only needs specialised or expensive IT equipment for a certain project or time frame, it makes no sense to buy these assets only to have them depreciate almost immediately.

This is where you can greatly benefit from the flexible, customer-centric solutions that RentWorks has to offer with a variety of value-added benefits:

  • RentWorks customers enjoy free delivery within a 50 km radius within major South African metros, such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  • There is no charge for any breakage upfront. Damages to equipment are only billed at the end of the term and does not form part of a deposit.
  • Should the equipment become faulty, Rentworks will swap the equipment out for you within 48 hours.
  • As a short-term renter, you may have access to the RentWorks Enterprise Asset Management portal (REAM) to help you manage your rented stock.
  • We offer month-to-month solutions to ensure you have the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing business environment and employee needs.
  • The rental equipment is already insured on your behalf, meaning that you don’t have to spend any time comparing insurance quotes. Our negotiated rates with the top-in-class insurers guarantee that you are paying the best possible rates on your equipment.
  • With our customer-centric partnerships and stock availability of top-tier equipment, such as Dell and Lenovo, we have you covered.

Customer-centricity is at our core

As a customer-centric business that is engineered to keep you at the heart of it all, we also believe the application process should be painless and user-friendly. That’s why you can now simply apply online on our website.

If you want to experience rental solutions that are also powerful business solutions, simply contact us on +27 11 549 9000. Remember to also follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and deals.

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