We invest in every industry

At RentWorks, we consider ourselves to be growth catalysts. We’re passionate about enabling our customers and suppliers to grow by designing and deploying bespoke asset finance packages, no matter the industry you operate in.

We believe that life is complicated enough already, which is why we streamline and simplify the process every step of the way – without ever losing sight of the business growth you are aiming for. That’s why hundreds of corporate, educational, and public sector customers trust RentWorks to meet their business needs, from Mining and Construction, IT, Fleet, Business Technology, Material Handling, Telecommunications, and Medical to Golf and Turf Equipment.

Our core differential is residual risk investment, which offers a true rental solution as opposed to traditional finance options. Our residual value model also removes the up-front deposit that is traditionally required. We tailor every aspect of the solution to suit your needs, allowing you to plan ahead with confidence and budgeting precision.

Gain a new lease on life
By leasing instead of spending thousands on buying, you can upgrade your own assets as your needs and global technologies evolve. We also understand the need for short-term rentals of assets and equipment that are needed for a limited time or specific project, allowing for more flexibility within your business. We are product and vendor-independent, so you can choose any brand of equipment you want— from your preferred supplier, at your best price!

We pride ourselves on offering solutions with zero deposits, flexible options, and scalable solutions for all asset classes. We can include maintenance and insurance while carrying the risk of end-of-term disposal with fixed-interest solutions. Say hello to no annual escalations – a welcome reprieve in today’s economy.

The future of financing
To help keep your operations running and your data safe, we offer an exclusive financing solution to local businesses looking to acquire the latest network infrastructure hardware and software. From the most basic network hardware like switches and routers to the most advanced identity and access management services, we will help you to keep things connected.

Through our continued partnership with AFGRI Equipment, we create earth-moving opportunities for businesses in the agriculture, mining, and construction sector. Together, we have launched a flexible finance solution on the 310l TLB, which you can learn more about here. This offer is well-suited for farming and construction enterprises that want to leverage the flexibility of rental solutions to improve cash flow.

For our customers in the medical industry, we have developed a financial solution that will take the pain out of making sure your patients gain from the medical tech you need to ensure the best care. From equipment like X-Ray machines and dentist chairs to more specialised equipment like sonar scanners and MRI machines.

Make money off your existing assets

Keen to start renting your assets, but not sure what to do with your existing ones? If you have paid cash for your IT assets in the past 6 months, you can take advantage of our Sale and Rent Back solution. We will buy your existing IT assets after which you are free to rent them back with fixed, regular, and predictable payments. Renting also consolidates your company’s assets into a single, flexible rental schedule, simplifying your budget with one fixed payment.

Effective strategic partnerships should give both parties growth opportunities, as well as a measure of comfort. By focusing on creating partnerships with suppliers, both parties can enjoy the benefits of new business streams, as well as being able to pass along value-add to the end-user. Make sure you are partnering with a company that will help you to protect your margins, gain an increased share of wallet, and access new markets, while supporting and growing your brand.

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