Stretch your cashflow with tailor-made IT rental finance solutions

The world of work has been drastically changed, thanks to a mix of new technologies and the current global pandemic. These market shifts mean that access to IT equipment and software is crucial to ensure operations continue normally in a ‘new normal’.  Businesspeople now mainly work outside of their office locations, with many relying heavily on IT to complete their tasks. In fact, over 50% of local workers now report that they work outside the main office 2.5 days a week or more (Source). With over two decades of experience, RentWorks South Africa has been providing companies with the option to rent operational assets and equipment. Now, the Namibian market can take advantage of our tailor-made rental solutions, too.

RentWorks Namibia offers customers a complete range of rental finance solutions, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of the latest advances in technology while minimising expenses and optimising cashflow. IT equipment depreciates over time or with use, so it needs regular replacement and can quickly become obsolete.

However, renting enables you to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment, after which you have the option to simply return it and replace or upgraded it. RentWorks Namibia’s core differential is our residual risk investment, which offers a true rental solution as opposed to the traditional finance options. The residual value model removes the up-front deposit that is traditionally required, and monthly rentals are lower when compared to traditional finance models, one of the unique product offerings in the RentWorks Namibia suite.

The benefits of leasing

Since there is no large deposit required upfront, entering into a rental agreement for depreciating assets frees up capital, which can be used for profit-generating initiatives and investments within your business. “Having successfully concluded the first true IT rental finance transactions in Namibia with prominent top-end corporate customers who wanted to replace and upgrade their old IT fleet, RentWorks successfully demonstrated the true benefits of IT rental financing compared to conventional financing or cash acquisitions,” explains Albert Pretorius, Managing Director for RentWorks Namibia.

An additional benefit is the ability to upgrade your assets as your needs and l technologies evolve. RentWorks Namibia also offers superior asset financing for businesses; the most effective funding option available on assets that require regular replacement. A RentWorks rental provides business with financial certainty by providing predictable payments with no hidden surprises. Now more than ever, it helps to stretch your budget and conserve your cash resources. . We are product and vendor independent, so you can choose any brand of equipment you want—from your preferred supplier, at your best price!

Stay ahead of your competition

RentWorks Namibia proudly deals in both the public and private sectors, offering rental solutions including IT, Mining and Construction, Fleet, Business Technology, Material Handling, Telecommunications, Medical, and Golf and Leisure. We offer niche asset and industry solutions, and will tailor every aspect of the agreement to suit your needs, allowing you to plan ahead with confidence and budgeting precision.  “Talk to Rentworks Namibia to find out how we can revolutionise your asset procurement processes to keep you ahead of the rapidly advancing technology curve through intelligent finance solutions and with reduced risk of ownership,” invites Mr Pretorius.

Given the current economic climate in Namibia, Capex preservation is key, and the RentWorks rental solution is becoming an increasingly popular financing alternative. A rental solution from RentWorks Namibia allows you to procure whatever equipment you need today by spreading the payment across its useful life. This allows you to maintain cash reserves on higher-yielding projects and because our solution is affordable, flexible, and scalable, it provides you with the agility you need to stay ahead of your competitors and technology movements.

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