RentWorks announces its acquisition by DölbergPremium

RentWorks, South Africa’s largest independent asset rental company, has been acquired by DölbergPremium. The deal is subject to regulatory approval by the Competion Commission of South Africa.
With this acquisition, DölbergPremium will be able to enhance its offering to current and future customers. It will benefit from the expertise and know-how of a team which is already well versed in leasing and rental transactions, and the acquisition of RentWorks will further reinforce its strength as a leading provider of similar solutions across Southern Africa. RentWorks currently has operations across South Africa and Namibia. The company has its main office in Johannesburg, with branches in Cape Town, Durban and Windhoek.

About Retworks

Established in 1998, RentWorks was the first company in South Africa to offer genuine residual-based rental solutions.Over time, the company has built up the largest ICT resale network in Southern Africa and, with it, an unrivalled ability to resell assets on return. In addition to this, RentWorks has also diversified its offering to different asset classes in a range of industries including manufacturing, mining and construction, and alternative energy. The company currently offers integrated asset tracking solutions in alliance with the world leader in online asset tracking and offers leading insurance solutions.

About DölbergPremium
The DölbergPremium Group was established in 2016 by Stefan van der Walt, Heinrich Odendaal, Kamil Patel and AJ Coetzee following the merger of the Premium Group, founded in 1972, and the Dölberg Group. The Group owns or has significant holdings in a number of businesses in various jurisdictions. DölbergPremium specialises in the provision and facilitation of advisory, financial support and distribution of respected brands to its clients. It is an international financial services group with a diversified product range, providing services from Botswana, Hong Kong, Mauritius and South Africa. DölbergPremium is committed to providing a valuable service, addressing the challenges of cash flow optimisation, balance sheet management and maximizing assets which clients and businesses are facing today. The Group has a very entrepreneurial focused and dynamic culture. DölbergPremium is well established in South Africa and respected for its contribution to building globally recognized brands locally.