RentWorks and NetTrace launch new track and trace self-service portal for customers

RentWorks and NetTrace launch new track and trace self-service portal for customers

Today’s rapidly advancing technologies and content management services enable service providers and customers to engage efficiently and seamlessly, improving business decision making and reducing costs. In targeted optimal engagement, RentWorks, South Africa’s leading asset rental company and NetTrace, a leading asset lifecycle tracking and management company, have released their latest version of the online customer service portal.

Since 2001 NetTrace has provided  customers with trusted asset inventory data, and in September 2015, the functionality on offer to RentWorks customers was extended through the launch of an innovative self-service portal.

This customer-centric platform is accessible to all RentWorks customers via a secure user interface from any device with an internet connection, and gives them access to all their rental contract information in detail and in one place.

Bianca Rothman, Regional Sales Manager at RentWorks, explains that the aim is to improve customer service by giving customers access to real-time rental and asset information whenever they need it.

Ted Wood, General Manager at NetTrace, adds that this will contribute to reducing customer operating costs, provide consistent service engagement, and enable predictive analytic tools to elevate and personalise customer service.

“By giving customers access to meaningful information, we hope that we can enable them to make informed business decisions quickly with regards to their rented assets, and to get the maximum return from their committed costs,” says Wood. “Customers will have access to all their RentWorks contract information – live and dynamic. They can do automated live asset verification against their rental contracts whenever they need to, which makes for more efficient and easy auditing processes. This in turn improves reporting and governance, as well as assisting with insurance claims and the associated rental asset.”

Rothman adds that while this type of asset management solution is mature in the automotive fleet arena, to her knowledge it is not being offered outside of the motor financing space. “We’re pioneering this,” she says. “And we’re pleased to be doing it with NetTrace out of a relationship that has developed over 14 years.”

The benefits of the new portal are myriad:

  • RentWorks customers can access live, real-time data, as well as historical data.
  • The system offers best practice guidelines on items or areas requiring attention, such as highlighting assets due for return or overdue on return. Rental contract assets that have not been verified or those that are at risk are also highlighted. This flags potential problemsand enables proactive risk management. It also ensures that customers are able to manage their refresh cycles more efficiently and avoid hassles when asset are at the end of their rental terms.
  • The asset data solution has been designed for “non-sophisticated” integration with customers’ existing data systems and processes. In other words, companies won’t have to learn how to use a new tool if they prefer their existing approach – they can simply feed their existing information into the RentWorks / NetTrace system.
  • The system will bridge the different “silos” within businesses, allowing staff from procurement, IT, management and legal departments to see one holistic picture.

While all RentWorks customers have automatically been granted access to their rental contracts online, for those looking to upgrade to enterprise asset lifecycle management and tracking including the management of non-rented assets,the process is completely seamless. Additional value-added services are available, which include Absolute Software’s Data, Device Security products, which remotely secure computer user data by freezing or wiping data from the rental device. The Absolute Software security platform is embedded at factory in all computer devices and provides the only persistent technology for device and information security management.

RentWorks believes that its sales staff will also benefit from the new system by accessing up-to-date, tailored data on each client, allowing them to proactively assist customers with their specific needs at any time and any place.

About RentWorks

Currently financing over R3 billion worth of assets for more than 400 organisations across most industries and asset types, RentWorks is South Africa’s leading asset rental company.

The company is product and brand independent and focuses on offering customers intelligent, cost-effective asset rental solutions covering the entire asset life cycle (acquire, manage and return).

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About NetTrace

NetTrace is a leading asset lifecycle tracking and management company that provides trusted asset inventory data, reliably, cost effectively through innovation, automation and persistent technology on a global scale.

NetTrace defines the business value of its products and services from the breadth of benefits and incremental usefulness that gets added in the ability to manage the organisations physical assets and secure its IT end user computing devices.

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