RentWorks’ 25-year journey of driving growth and success

For more than two decades, RentWorks has been a pioneer in the Asset Finance industry, leaving a lasting impact on the market. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, the RentWorks team takes pride in the remarkable journey of growth and transformation that we have undertaken. From humble beginnings in 1998, RentWorks has evolved into a dynamic force in the Asset Finance industry, maintaining our customer-centric approach while embracing cutting-edge technology and expanding our range of services.

Our inception was marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of innovation that laid the foundation for our long-lasting success. Originally focused on providing IT asset rentals to corporate and public sector clients, we have since evolved into a comprehensive asset finance service provider, funding assets that are utilised in the production of income.

Our offering assists a range of industries across South Africa, funding various asset classes, including IT, mining, medical, renewable, fleet, and more. Over the years, we have financed assets of considerable financial magnitude, demonstrating our commitment to fuelling our customers’ growth and prosperity.

A customer-centric asset lifecycle offering
In the course of our journey, a standout accomplishment has been the development of our asset lifecycle management offering, crafted through genuine conversations and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. This invaluable system has revolutionised our partnerships with our clients by introducing a user-friendly online portal, which empowers our customers with seamless asset and contract management capabilities. The package also includes insurance and asset tracking, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution that adapts to the ever changing landscape of our customers’ businesses.

The sentiments expressed by Kuben Rayan, CEO of RentWorks, perfectly captures the essence of our journey: “We pride ourselves on connecting with our customers and forging lasting partnerships by providing bespoke, cost-effective and transparent solutions to assist them in their growth ambitions.”

Empowering communities and nurturing talent
We are not just growing as a business, we are also growing as responsible members of the community. Aligned with our values, we have actively contributed to initiatives involving technology and education. Whether it’s funding computer labs in schools or supporting NGOs with equipment and financial aid, our commitment is to empower the community, fostering collective growth.

Embracing the future
Celebrating our 25th anniversary, we eagerly look towards the future with a well-defined vision. We are committed to invest in technology to further enhance our value proposition and deliver an unparalleled user experience. By aligning our offerings with future needs and the rapid pace of technology development, we are poised to support our customers in their growth and prosperity.

Beyond our thriving operations in South Africa, we have expanded our reach by establishing an office in Namibia, and we are excited to continue our journey of growth by actively exploring new opportunities and expanding further into the dynamic markets across the rest of Africa.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our customers, suppliers and staff for their unwavering loyalty, support, and commitment. Without your trust and dedication, achieving our remarkable growth and reaching this quarter-century milestone would not have been possible.

 As we forge ahead in shaping the future of asset finance, our unwavering commitment is to place our customers at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring a prosperous journey for all.

If you want to want to connect with us about the future, contact us at +27 11 549 9000.

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