Reap the benefits of IT rentals without the hassle of returns

As a specialist rental finance provider to more than 400 South African corporates, educational institutions, and public sector customers across a broad range of asset classes, RentWorks South Africa has been passionate about asset finance for over two decades. For this reason, the highly-specialist teams are dedicated to creating bespoke solutions that are customer-centric, user-friendly, and solutions-driven. And as a subsidiary of our highly successful South African business, RentWorks Namibia shares the same internal values.

As a consequence of this no-compromise culture, we are dedicated to providing solutions to potential challenges that you may not even have thought of when it comes to rental assets:
The end-of-term lifecycle.

Return, replace, refresh

Seeing that the option to procure IT assets via a rental facility in Namibia is a fairly new and uniquely innovative concept, it is important to understand that as a customer, you won’t get any surprises once your asset reaches its end-of-term lifecycle. What that means is that although we’ve made it as uncomplicated as possible to acquire an IT asset at the beginning of the rental process, the same hassle-free principle applies once the rental term has come to an end.

“Our primary objective is to offer our customers a seamless experience, from the procurement process through the rental process up to the end of term return point, effectively eradicating the risks of ownership and disposal, which comes with conventional type financing,” explains Albert Pretorius, Director at RentWorks Namibia.

Get a competitive edge without the cost
Due to the fact that IT equipment can become obsolete fairly quickly and having access to the latest technology can be a competitive advantage, it is important to understand that there will be no unexpected surprises or expenses when it is time for the asset to be replaced. This usually occurs after a 3-year time period.

As RentWorks Namibia, we’ve adapted a customer-centric model when it comes to e-waste management (recycling) and data sanitation (data security). We make it possible to dispose of obsolete inventory in a cost-effective way that is simple and straightforward. When you’ve reached the end of your rental contract cycle, you can simply return the IT equipment to us, and we will assist in either recycling your outdated assets and destroying the confidential data it contains, or refreshing your IT equipment according to your specific business needs.

An ethical, environmentally friendly process
Some more good news for earth-conscious customers is that the recycling process is done in an ethical, responsible, and environmentally friendly manner.  We take on the responsibility of the entire recycling process. This means that not only do we cover the costs of the recycling process, but we step in as the accountable party to ensure compliance. “For added peace of mind, RentWorks Namibia will ensure that the recycling process is handled in a responsible, ethical, and environmentally effective manner by engaging recognised, internationally accredited partners to offer an audited and certified e-waste offering,” says Albert.

As RentWorks Namibia, we want you to know that although we are the first company in the country to offer this unique and unmatched solution to clients, the rental model is by no means untested due to the fact that it is a reproduction of the highly successful model already implemented in the group. Therefore, you can look forward to reaping all of the business benefits without dealing with any unforeseen headaches.

Essentially, the same principle we offer throughout our asset rental offering.

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