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Education is a fundamental driver of personal, national, and global development. Investing in education for your children is enormously important if you are a parent or even if you want to further yourself professionally. It is unlikely that there is ever a point in anyone’s life where learning and upskilling yourself becomes unnecessary or unimportant.

However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of education has evolved.

Traditional face-to-face classes has been serving as an effective method of learning and teaching for the longest time. After two years of being unable to attend in-person classes due to the various stages of lockdown, the situation proved that technology could support and enhance the teaching and learning process.

Today, technology plays a critical role in providing the best education experience and preparing the youth for their future careers. Part of realising this is providing students with fast, efficient equipment such as laptops and desktops for research, virtual lessons, online study sessions, and exam preparation. Unfortunately, investing in the latest equipment for an entire school, university, or college can be extremely costly if all of these assets have to be purchased.

That is where RentWorks comes in.

Gain the competitive advantage

Today’s learning establishments are competing more than ever to get more enrolments through offering the latest tech, dynamic classrooms, online lessons, and hybrid learning.

With RentWorks’ flexible rental solutions, you can get equipment installed and start making savings immediately. This helps make rental options more cost-effective overall than purchasing, plus you mitigate the risk. Unlike purchasing your learning equipment, renting it means you bound to outdated equipment that’s not the right fit for your establishment’s needs sometime in the future.

Flexibility in learning

Our flexible leasing model has helped countless institutions access technology that saves on costs while enhancing learners’ educational experiences at the same time. By leasing instead of spending thousands on purchasing, educational institutions can upgrade assets as their needs and global technologies evolve.

We also understand the need for short-term rentals of assets and equipment that are needed for a limited time or specific project, allowing for more flexibility within your institution.

Spread the cost of your investment

Instead of making one big payment, you can spread your learning intuition’s spending by renting equipment rather than purchasing it outright. Instead of spending tens of thousands of rands, you can opt for flexible leasing and divide this payment up across the length of your contract.

This’ll help you make decisions when it makes sense for your learner’s needs and plan your spending across the academic year.

Save time and money on installation and maintenance

When you buy equipment, you aren’t just paying for the items themselves. You’re paying for

removal of old equipment, installation of new equipment, maintenance costs, replacement parts, and maybe even staff training.

However, when you rent equipment for learning, you can sit back and relax, as RentWorks can structure a solution that will include all these extra costs.

E-learning works with RentWorks
What’s more is that at RentWorks, we offer rental options on a variety of learning assets for your unique requirements, from whiteboards to servers. This is why our solutions are an excellent option for any learning institution’s needs who wants to invest in the growing minds, not depreciating assets.

If you are looking for someone to help you grow your learning centres and equip growing minds, speak to us at 0860 736 825.

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