Improve your business’s financial agility and workforce flexibility with our Short Term Rental offering

The pandemic has demystified the process of working from home and, as a result, many organisations are looking to a new hybrid model that combines remote work and office collaboration. As companies are focused on finding the best path forward for their workforce as well as their bottom line, many are unsure which steps to take. This is where RentWorks and its solutions can act as a growth catalyst for South African businesses.

According to an article by Fin24, the pandemic has accelerated the work-from-home trend by five to ten years. Consequently, employers are called to be agile and forward-thinking, while supporting a remote workforce with the right tools. The challenge is that while employees need access to certain assets in order to remain productive, some businesses have taken strain in terms of their cash flow.

RentWorks understands this business dilemma: balancing the expenses of what is needed to run the business and grow against the constraints of the available cashflow. This is why we believe our agile and flexible rental solutions offer companies the opportunity to support their workforce in challenging and ever-changing circumstances while decreasing financial risk. Here’s how.

Flexible, future-proof solutions
All businesses need a steady cash flow to stay ahead of expenses and make smart investments at opportune times. One of the greatest benefits of our short-term rental options is that it keeps your cash flow consistent.

Since short-term rentals require no upfront deposits, long-term contracts, or multi-year financing commitments, you’re able to allocate your freed up financial resources for other profit-generating initiatives and investments within your business. Moreover, if your organisation only needs specialised or expensive IT equipment for a certain project or quarter, it makes no sense to buy these assets only to have them depreciate almost immediately.

In addition, the speed of business today demands that IT is more agile, resilient, secure, and innovative. This is what makes RentWork’s short-term rental options an even more powerful business solution. Our offering is engineered around our customers’ requirements, keeping you and your needs at the heart of it all.

Not only does our service offering include IT equipment rentals, such as laptops, desktops and more, but we cater to each business’s requirements and develop a solution that will answer their current and future needs. Our short-term rental options are flexible, meaning you can rent products for a period of a few days up to 12 months. Once the rental period ends, you may choose to either return the equipment or extend the contract. Clients also have peace of mind that our short-term rentals include insurance and delivery.

A one-touch customer journey
Another way in which we have made our short-term rental solutions as flexible and user-friendly as possible is the RentWork’s online portal. This one-touch service makes for convenience and simplicity, enabling you to apply for short-term assets at the click of a button .

Working from home this week? No problem. On the road? We are still in your pocket. Attending training or meetings at the office? Doesn’t matter! Our portal goes where you go and allows you to rent what you need for exactly the time you need it. Benefit from having more flexibility, agility, and speed – with turnaround times. We can also assist with hardware configurations, as well as software and application loads.

This is why you should see RentWorks as your trusted business partners. Instead of one-size-fits-all approach, we are passionate about meeting your specific needs and funding capabilities with our bespoke solutions.

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