How you could benefit from renting your assets

Take advantage of using your assets and equipment, not owning them. By renting the equipment you need today, you can spread the payment across the asset’s useful life and leverage your budget and buying power by up to 250%. Here’s how:

Many local businesses have become the lifeline of numerous South Africans who are lucky enough to receive some form of income amidst rising inflation and interest rate hikes. But the future for local families and businesses remains uncertain. It is crucial, therefore, to keep local companies and SMEs afloat.

Innovative and intelligent asset rental solutions are designed to simplify acquiring the assets you require in order to help recover lost revenues and conserve your precious cash reserves. This enables you to allocate your freed-up financial resources for other profit-generating initiatives and investments within your business.

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Stay ahead of the curve
The simplest way to protect your cashflow would be to rent your assets that require regular replacement and disposal, instead of buying them outright. Rental solutions empower companies to fix their equipment costs with regular, predictable payments. It also means you can easily upgrade your assets as global technologies and your unique business requirements evolve – helping to keep you ahead of your competitors.

If you have traditionally paid cash for your IT and other business assets, you may want to consider a RentWorks facility when making your next procurement decision, which will alleviate a large cash outlay.

An additional opportunity would be to take the assets you already own and make use of our Sale & Rent Back facility, which gives you cash back now while you rent your IT asset over its remaining useful life. This gives you the advantage of using the asset, while simultaneously conserving your cashflow. Both these solutions will ease your cashflow burden and assist your business in both the short and long term.

Short-term renting with long-term benefits
Timeframe-specific rental solutions can provide additional flexibility and agility when you need to cater for the technology needs of a specific project or event, equip a temporary team during a period of high demand or accelatered growth, or close a technology gap while waiting for your shipment of new assets to arrive.

A good rental solutions partner will guarantee you get your hands on quality, well-maintained units from top-tier equipment vendors such as Dell, Lenovo, and HP. To get the most bang for your buck, look for short-term rental options with no upfront deposits, no long-term contracts, and no multi-year financing commitments.

Rent the IT equipment you need for any period from 1 – 12 months (minimum unit requirements apply). Our online portal also allows you to apply for short-term assets at the click of a button – seamlessly and pain-free.

Real-time tracking at the click of a button
The RentWorks Enterprise Asset Management portal (REAM) offers secure, anytime access to your rental contacts and asset details, making it easier to effectively manage your assets and contracts.

As a value-added service, there is no additional charge for access to information via our REAM portal, including lists of all active contracts, contract start and end dates, terms, contract rental amounts, and asset value details. With this password-protected and securely encrypted portal, you can drill down to access granular detail on specific rental contracts, including asset types, descriptions and serial numbers, with downloadable MS Excel report functionality.

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