Hit the reset button with RentWorks mining and construction solutions

As various industries across the world start to open up and become fully operational after two hard-hitting years, the business landscape has started to shift as a result. In 2020, South Africa was one of the only countries where construction was not deemed an ‘essential service’, which resulted in a 20.3% decrease in GDP last year. Fast-forward to 2021, and it is now more evident than ever that the mining and construction industries will play a significant role in accelerating our country’s economy. And RentWorks is here to lend a helping hand.

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently emphasised that these two vital industries need to prioritise getting back on track to rebuild our country’s economy. One way to ensure this is achieved is to utilise solutions that lessen the pressure on cash flows while ensuring operations can continue at optimal levels. This is where RentWorks’ mining and construction solutions comes in.

How we can boost your cash flow
We understand how particularly hard it’s been for the mining and construction industry as South Africa saw one of the hardest lockdowns worldwide. Unfortunately, as the sands have shifted, investing in new equipment as a means of replenishing your mining or construction business is not something that many businesses can afford in today’s uncertain and challenging economy. But without advanced tools and materials, a business in this sector can’t recover and reach the demands required to succeed.

By renting with RentWorks, you can eliminate the risks and costs of ownership as well as the effects of value depreciation. To enable you to conserve and redirect your capital towards income-generating projects, we can also assist with a large range of equipment for use in opencast mining, underground mining, and construction. This is how you can minimise your high operating and capital costs when you build a professional relationship with us with tailor-made offerings that suit your business’s unique needs.

With us, you’ll always have flexibility
Because it’s very important to companies, flexibility is important to us. RentWorks provides maximum flexibility at the end of your rental term, these include:

  • Returning the assets in line with the return conditions specified
  • Continuing with renting
  • Buying the assets at end-of-term

Equipment costs are fixed or variable at low monthly rentals, with flexible end-of-term options to match your business needs. In addition, insurance solutions are offered in line with our partnerships with independent insurance service providers.

Partnerships that benefit you
Through our AFGRI Equipment partnership, we are offering state-of-the-art mining and construction equipment on medium-term rentals. The special deal, currently available on John Deere Backhoe Loaders, allows you to reap the benefits with a full maintenance plan, flexible end-of-term options, and no deposit required upfront.

To further relieve the pressure on your cash flow, you only have to pay the first installment in month four. The response from the South African industry has been so encouraging that future deals are likely to include additional construction and mining equipment deals.

Work with Rentworks
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