Investing in IT: how to get the tech without the cost

The rapid obsolescence of technology equipment makes acquiring technology an expense, not a capital investment. More companies are choosing to rent their equipment, rather than tie up cash by purchasing them outright. Whatever lifecycle your assets or business are in, we have a tailor-made solution to help you free up more cash in your business.

At RentWorks, we are trusted growth partners. This means that whatever your asset requirements, we can offer you innovative and agile solutions to keep your financials liquid and maximise your purchasing power. That includes your IT equipment. Our Sale and Rent Back solution enables you to sell your existing assets for a much-needed cash injection, rent them back, or ethically dispose of redundant assets.

Stay ahead of the curve for cheaper

Why use shareholders’ cash or make use of traditional finance solutions to purchase assets that require regular replacement and disposal, when rentals offer you a superior solution? Our new asset rental solutions allow you to rent the latest technology at the best price. Solutions are customised to take both your current and future business needs into account, making it easier to acquire the tools you need while deploying your cash in other areas of your business.

If you’ve bought new IT equipment in the last 6 months but need more cash now, our Sale and Rent Back option is the answer. RentWorks will buy your existing technology equipment after which you can rent it back with fixed, regular, and predictable payments. Renting also consolidates a company’s assets into a single, flexible rental schedule, making budgeting simple through a fixed payment. What’s more is that we are product and brand independent, so you can expect low-premium solutions across most industries and asset types.

Waste not, want not

When older IT equipment is replaced or deemed no longer useful, organisations tend to stash it in a storeroom – creating an IT equipment graveyard that becomes clutter and a frustration.

If your unused IT equipment is less than 42 months old, you can sell it to us and turn your tech graveyard into tangible cash.

The sale of old equipment provides you with a cash injection, which can be used to pay down debt, reinvest in the business, or acquire new assets. This option allows companies to remove existing equipment from their balance sheet, opening an opportunity to invest money in appreciating assets as it is no longer tied up in depreciating equipment.

Move to a solution today that allows you to free up your cashflow while providing your business with the technology and tools needed for success. Click here to learn more about RentWorks’ various IT rental class solutions. Alternatively, give us a call on +27 11 549 9000.

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