Flexible fleet rentals to meet your needs

  • Unlock more capital with our fixed interest solutions with no annual escalations and no deposit required upfront!
  • Get competitive comprehensive insurance quotes, which can be included in the rental agreement.
  • Terms range from 12 to 60 months featuring fully flexible contracts, payment holidays, and tailormade solutions to meet your business needs.

Now more than ever, fleet owners are facing a myriad of challenges within the South African market – fuel hikes, extreme maintenance costs, and high operating expenses are just a few of the factors that play a critical role in the future of your business. To survive, local businesses are looking at new ways to keep operations running at a lower price. At RentWorks, we pride ourselves on tailoring structured fleet solutions guaranteed to free up more cash within your business.

Every captain needs a fleet

RentWorks Africa enables you to rent trucks, trailers, and passenger vehicles for large corporates. By taking advantage of our niche solutions, you will be able to free up much-needed cash flow while still having major flexibility to run your fleet operations. Our residual investment model provides our clients with the benefit of not paying the full capital cost of the asset. Terms range from 12 to 60 months, and our contracts are completely flexible and tailormade to meet your needs. At the end of your term, simply settle or return the asset.

All our rental solutions are tailored around your industry, usage, and mileage to create a bespoke solution that suits your business requirements. By renting your trucks and trailers, you can avoid high maintenance costs, because when you rent, you always have a fresh fleet at hand. New trucks and trailers also mean fewer maintenance charges and more time on the road!

On top of this, there is no deposit required and we can provide competitive comprehensive insurance quotes which we can include in your rental agreement. We also carry the risk of end-of-term disposal and offer fixed interest solutions with no annual escalations – easing future business costs. By unlocking more capital, you are free to pay your drivers, buy fuel, and still make a profit.

Why pay more for a depreciating asset?

Flexible rental options give you more control over your budget and operating costs. If your fleet is not running during a certain period of the year, we are happy to arrange a payment holiday. Based on your main business needs and projected mileage, we will craft a solution that protects your cash flow and, in turn, your future business objectives.

Together, we will agree upon your bottom-line fee, which means anything under your capped mileage is covered and won’t increase – protecting your cash flow even more. Only when your fleet starts exceeding the bottom line and incurring excess usage do our pay-per-use terms kick in. As a residual risk investor, these pay-for-use solutions are based on your chosen brand, term, and kilometre usage.

When setting up your first contract, try to include a trade-back option. This gives you the ultimate range of flexible options – either re-extend your rental asset or trade it for a new truck or fleet vehicle when the time comes.

Expect adaptability and flexibility with us

Given that circumstances change, making decisions now about the future can be stressful. When you partner with RentWorks, those decisions need only be made much closer to the expiry date of the agreement you entered with us.

You can also look forward to these additional benefits of our niche and tailormade solutions:

  • Stress and risk-free rentals: We take on the investment and have proven and trusted alliances with dealers and original equipment manufacturers.
  • Tailormade, bespoke, and niche solutions: We will tailor every aspect of the agreement to suit your needs, allowing you to plan with confidence and to budget with precision.
  • Benefit from asset lifecycle management: Streamline every aspect of your fleet and asset lifecycles, reduce your costs, and simplify the management of your assets.

With us, you have access to the widest range of fleet rental solutions available to suit your specific business, budget, cash flow and industry needs. Our solutions will help you free up cash and release equity tied up in depreciating assets. Click here to book a call-back or give us a ring on +27 11 549 9000.

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