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Effective strategic partnerships should give both parties growth opportunities, as well as a measure of comfort. By focusing on creating partnerships with suppliers, both parties can enjoy the benefits of new business streams, as well as being able to pass along value-add to the end-user. Make sure you are partnering with a company that will help you to protect your margins, gain an increased share of wallet, access new markets, and support and grow your brand.

All the results without the risk

At RentWorks, we understand that companies are pinching every penny as we all wait for the economy to slowly open up again. As a trusted specialist provider of asset finance, we can offer your business innovative and agile solutions to keep your financials liquid and maximise your purchasing power. Creating strategic alliances with other businesses is one valuable means of accessing new markets and leveraging each partner’s core strengths and skills.

As a leasing partner, we have been assisting our suppliers in providing an additional option to their customers who may not currently be able to afford to buy assets out right, while also ensuring that the supplier does not have to take the risk. At RentWorks, we act as the financier, which means the supplier is guaranteed compensation and doesn’t have to negotiate payment terms or take on the financial administration. This improves suppliers’ cash-flow and offers them another finance option when seeking to close the deal with a customer.

Your one-stop-shop for asset rentals
To take even more pressure off you and your business, RentWorks takes care of the asset insurance, tracking, and disposal of assets if required. Because customers are not limited solely to their current cash budget, there is also potential to up-sell. Other benefits of outsourced rentals include an increased share of wallet, customer insight, and client retention. Your customers will receive a value-added service with no additional admin to any party, as well as the opportunity to capitalise on an untapped market.

The partnership also streamlines the sales process, as suppliers no longer need to wait on a customer’s third-party funder. When suppliers have their own finance partner, it minimises the need for the supplier to manage client engagement. With the financier taking the risk and handling customer liaison, the supplier is free to focus on core business activities.

You can also look forward to additional benefits when choosing RentWorks, such as having complete peace of mind. This is because we have an established, impeccable track-record in setting up successful rental programmes with leading local and international suppliers. You also won’t be locked into any product or vendor, as we are product and vendor-independent.

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