Does your radiology practice need a cash injection?

For medical professionals in the radiology industry, it is vital to produce a high-quality diagnostic image. However, radiology equipment changes rapidly, and suppliers are developing and innovating at a lightning pace. As an established practice, we understand your needs and will help you to improve your bottom-line while being able to use the latest technology in the field.

Radiology is highly specialised and must not incur unnecessary time-wasting as it could directly affect the life of a patient. Due to time constraints and not having the ability to wait on an approved funder, some radiologists opt to pay cash for their assets. Although the reason behind purchasing your equipment for cash is extremely valid, it can place you in a precarious position in terms of cash management. This is where RentWorks steps in.

Tailormade, niche solutions for experts
By taking advantage of our niche solutions, you will gain a head start while still having major flexibility. Our residual investment model provides our clients with the benefit of not paying the full capital cost of the asset. This allows you to utilise your freed-up cash where you need it while not having to worry about lawful disposal of the equipment when the agreement comes to an end.

At RentWorks, we are catalysts for growth, therefore, we trust you to know what is best for your business and practice. Numerous factors can influence the decision you make when your lease expires. We will always support our client’s decisions and will act as a trusted advisor to ensure you are reaping the benefits of renting your equipment. Simply settle, extend, or return your equipment – we trust you know what you need! Given that circumstances change as we saw in 2020, making decisions now about the future can be stressful. When you work with RentWorks, those decisions need only be made much closer to the expiry date of the agreement you entered into with us.

Radiologists who may be trading as a sole proprietor or closed corporation will benefit most from our tailormade solutions, as this would allow you to generate revenue that is well above your expenses. A rental agreement with a residual value investment enables you to stretch your current budget a lot further, giving you up to 250% more buying power and making it possible to procure more of what you need or to obtain specialised capital assets that would be otherwise too expensive.

Zero deposits + fixed payments = more cash
Our solution also empowers you to fix your equipment costs with regular, predictable payments. On top of this, no deposit is required upfront! Deposits are usually required to reduce the risk for a funder but at RentWorks, we want to afford our clients every opportunity to derive an income and utilise their cash in the best way possible. You can keep the deposit and start thinking of ways you can make that deposit work for your business.

If you have already acquired expensive radiology equipment in the last 6 months, without knowing about RentWorks’ offering, do not panic! We have the perfect solution through our Sale and Rent Back option. We will purchase that asset directly from you at book value and then rent it back to you, giving you that much-needed cash injection to use on other business needs.

You can also look forward to these additional benefits of our niche and tailormade solutions:

  • Enjoy complete peace of mind: We are the largest independent asset rental and management company in South Africa, with an established reputation and track record.
  • Don’t be locked into any product or vendor: We are product and vendor-independent, so you can choose any brand of equipment you want— from your preferred supplier, at your best price.
  • Get the exact solution you want and nothing else: We will tailor every aspect of the agreement to suit your needs, allowing you to plan with confidence and to budget with precision.
  • Benefit from asset lifecycle management: Asset intelligence streamlines every aspect of your asset management lifecycle, reducing your costs and simplifying the management of your assets.

Gain access to the assets you need for your business to succeed, while freeing up your cashflow and treating your patients using the latest technology. Click here to book a call-back or give us a ring on +27 11 549 9000.

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