A good network grows your net worth

Your network is like the nervous system of your business – every nerve is connected and carries a message to other parts of your organisation. For it to function properly, it needs the right support in the form of a robust and secure network infrastructure.

In the new age of remote and online working, a company’s agility and productivity depend on more than just hardworking employees and excellent IT equipment. Without the right network infrastructure in place, you may be exposed to potential security threats and a decline in productivity, costing you money and damaging your brand.

An invisible yet crucial support network
Other than connecting your employees via meetings and enabling them to work effectively, a huge proportion of your company’s network infrastructure serves to protect your network and endpoint devices from attacks. Whether it’s your firewall keeping malicious viruses at bay, or a network security appliance detecting and preventing an in-progress malware attack, the efficacy of your network hardware, software, and services are crucial to your company’s cybersecurity.

Safeguarding your network’s reliability and avoiding costly downtime incidents or worse – lost data – becomes increasingly important as we struggle with rising inflation and load shedding. However, in the event of experiencing data loss or a cyber-attack, having a reliable and well-supported network in place will make recovery much easier. Each offline minute is time when your entire business grinds to a halt, so making forward-looking investments into this critical but often overlooked infrastructure pays dividends in the future.

Plugging into the matrix

According to RestorePoint, all network infrastructure components can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Network hardware: like routers, switches, and physical servers. These kinds of components are visible to the eye. Even cables, access points, and network cards form part of this category.
  • Network software: which can run on either dedicated hardware or commodity servers. Firewalls can be both hardware and software depending on the configuration. Intrusion detection and other security measures usually fall within this category as well.
  • Network services: consists of software that runs on servers. A domain name service (DNS) server is a good example of a network service. In general, network software is somewhat standalone and operates on traffic passing through to other parts of the network, while network services use a client-server architecture and only respond to traffic pointed in their direction.

Every network, from the simplest home office set-up to the most complex business implementation contains components that fall into these three categories.

Flexible financing for your network needs

We understand that it may be costly to set up a new network infrastructure from scratch, or to keep your hardware and software up to date and hacker-proof.

To help keep your operations running and your data safe, RentWorks offers an exclusive financing solution to local businesses. We have designed a flexible financing plan that will enable you to acquire the latest network infrastructure hardware that your unique business requires, such as servers, routers and switches.

Our network infrastructure solution is fully flexible, with no deposit meaning you can stay safe and connected from the word go! From the most basic network hardware like switches and routers to the most advanced identity and access management services, we will help you to keep things moving.

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