RentWorks: a fully-integrated rental partner for all your operational needs

The world of work has changed. Permanently. Whether you have chosen to implement a remote, on-site, or hybrid working model, chances are that the last two years have prompted you to relook other facets of your business as well. An increasing number of companies are putting their operations under scrutiny to see if it can be optimised. This is why many businesses are turning away from purchasing assets, especially when it comes to renting IT equipment. However, to fully realise the positive impact rental solutions can have on your business’s cashflow, you need to work with a partner that can provide a more holistic operational offering.

As many global and local organisations have discovered, renting doesn’t place the same financial strain on your budget than purchasing assets. What’s more is that with there is no need to use shareholders’ cash or make use of traditional finance solutions to purchase assets that require regular replacement and disposal.

Consequently, many organisations view rentals as a superior solution. This is especially true when it comes to IT. Running your business’s operations on the latest technology and equipment at the best price is beneficial to any company, large or small. Renting your technology-based equipment also ensures that your current and future business needs are taken into account. This makes it easier to acquire the tools you need while deploying your cash in other areas of your business.

Optimise all areas of your operations

However, renting only your IT equipment is a missed opportunity. Yes, it alleviates a lot of strain from your budget and provides operational staff with trusted laptops and desktops where and when needed. But imagine having the same benefits applied to more operational areas in your business – not just in IT.

From security, monitoring, and access control, point-of-sales systems, networking infrastructure equipment, servers, data storage, scanners, routers and switches to plasma screens and audio-visual equipment, RentWorks can provide it all.

For instance, security can become an afterthought if one’s cashflow is under strain. Fortunately, with RentWorks, you can always put the safety or your business and staff first.

Safeguarding your business

In South Africa, security is an especially important aspect of the business that needs to be taken seriously. Thoughtful security protocols can create restricted areas and protect people, property, and assets. Physical barriers can prevent people from unknowingly wandering into sensitive environments or spaces with hazardous materials and equipment. Organisations can protect themselves from vandalism, theft, and trespassing with access control being especially useful in facilities that require higher levels of security.

If you’re interested in upgrading your security with an access control system, get in touch with us. This way, once you’ve identified any vulnerabilities on your premises, you can rent the security equipment to suit the specific needs of your business. This may involve one or many different security measures, like setting up an access control system, biometrics system, body and baggage scanners – all available through RentWorks.

Remember, whatever your asset requirements – whether security, networking infrastructure, or data storage, RentWorks can offer you innovative and agile solutions to keep your financials liquid and maximise your purchasing power.

Move to a solution today that allows you to free up your cashflow while providing your business with the operational, security, and networking infrastructure equipment needed for success. Speak to one of our RentWorks specialists today by contacting us on +27 11 549 9000.

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