A calculated vision for the future

Discover CFO Benny Padachie’s unique take on what tomorrow holds for SA’s leading asset rental company

After many years’ experience working in the financial sector, , Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at RentWorks, believes that the key to achieving sustainable growth is financial integrity. Here is more about the man behind the title.

When asked why he decided to join RentWorks in 2019, Benny doesn’t hesitate with an answer. “I saw a company that was innovative, had an entrepreneurial spirit, and had the right demonstrative history and experience to become the leader in South Africa’s rental space. For me, it is very important to work in an environment where I can see potential for sustainable growth – not only for the company, but for broader economic development as well.”

A passion for numbers

Benny’s story starts with his keen interest in finance, which led him to complete his bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Durban-Westville (UDW). Soon after his graduation, his career began as an articles clerk for a small firm. While working his way up the corporate ladder, he completed his articles while also attaining his honours degree at UNISA.

In 1999, he moved to the City of Gold to pursue more lucrative career opportunities and was appointed by ABSA. Within only a year, he was promoted to a position in the treasury department. After accepting an opportunity to join Nedbank as a senior project accountant, he also thrived in this environment. He was eventually appointed as a senior financial manager for equity capital markets.

In 2013, Real People headhunted Padachie for the position of deputy group CFO. Benny spent just over 5 years at Real people wherein he  he ensured that he left behind a stable environment that would set a foundation for the company to ensure future growth  in the market.

Focusing on the future

To date, Benny’s experience of RentWorks has been positive. “I’ve really enjoyed the open, honest, no-compromise culture of the company. Everyone at RentWorks has a voice here, and to me, that is very important. The best solutions come from teamwork.”

Looking ahead, Benny says that RentWorks has a unique value proposition as well as unique IP. Although the company operates in a high-risk environment, the company has vast experience in managing and mitigating risk in a responsible manner that is beneficial to all stakeholders. He uses the organisation’s track-record over the past 21 years as an example.

As the RentWorks CFO, it is clear that Padachie has a calculated vision for the company going forward and reiterates his belief that RentWorks can be the leader in the asset rental industry. For the future, his focus will be on governance and strategy. “My aim is to strategically direct RentWorks to the next level of business gowth whilst  ensuring that all stakeholder interests are well balanced.”

If you are interested to learn more about the RentWorks CFO, follow him on LinkedIn by clicking here.  

You can also visit the RentWorks website at www.rentworksafrica.com