Corporate Social Investment

We believe that giving back is the true measure of the worth of a company – not its turnover. At RentWorks, we’re conscious that many disadvantaged learners in South Africa cannot reach their full potential due to limited access to resources.

By providing and maintaining fully equipped IT Labs in schools in underprivileged areas, we’re helping to close the technology gap and ensure South Africa’s long-term competitiveness. As a natural evolution of our asset disposal focus, our schools resource initiative leverages our core competencies to achieve diversity and inclusion goals.

Exposing learners to ICT from an early age can broaden their horizons, accelerate their ambitions and equip them with employable, transferable skills. Our passion for education extends to providing full turnkey solutions by assisting our customers with matching their CSR spend with transformative opportunitiesask us how!

A completed IT Lab

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As a RentWorks customer, you can choose to enhance your own CSI credentials through sponsoring a turnkey computer lab for a school or by donating legacy equipment to an educational institution.

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