What Makes RentWorks Unique

Founded back in 1998, RentWorks is a specialist provider of asset finance. We are a team of highly passionate professionals that values relationships over transactions, ethical behaviour over short-cuts in a no-compromise culture.

As of December 2019 Rentworks became a privately ‘owner-managed’ company that believes in redefining the way to engage with customers, taking the complexity out of the transaction and focusing on the customer’s strategic outcomes. RentWorks understands that no two customers are the same, adopting an innovative and agile approach to the crafting of highly personalised asset financing solutions.

Today, RENTWORKS provides asset rental solutions to hundreds of corporate, educational and public sector customers across a broad range of asset classes – from I.T. to PABX systems, plant and machinery, vehicles (FML) as well medical equipment – and virtually everything in between

Learn more about the rich history that has led to Rentworks’s great success in the asset rental industry. RentWorks offers a range of asset classes to both the private and public sectors, which includes everything from IT to PABX systems, plant and machinery, vehicles and fleet, as well as medical equipment.

RentWorks is passionate about giving back, which is why it aims to ensure that South Africa’s under-resourced schools have access to the latest technology⁠—inexpensively. Learn more about how RentWorks achieves this through supplying and maintaining fully-equipped IT Labs to several schools in underprivileged areas.

In view of the very recent change in the shareholding of RentWorks, a fresh verification will need to be carried out as soon as it is practical. But rest assured, it’ll be done soon.

Do you believe that you have the skills, enthusiasm, and drive to join South Africa’s leading asset rental company? We are always looking for talented stars to join our team. Find out which positions we currently have available.