RentWorks for the Public Sector

RentWorks, South Africa’s leading empowered asset rental company has the ideal asset rental solution for you. Asset Rental is the intelligent choice for the Public Sector Today, more than ever, the pressure is on government to provide fast, ef cient and e ective service. RentWorks, as the largest empowered asset rental company in South Africa, is perfectly positioned to ensure that you are equippedwith the right tools and assets to deliver this service. A RentWorks solution is classi ed as an operating lease rather than a nance lease, and complies with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) which regulates long term borrowing by National and Provincial departments. Our solution also conforms to the MFMA, making it an ideal asset nance solution for local government and municipalities. With rental the public sector can leverage its buying power and bring projects, upgrades or roll-outs forward by as much as two years. At RentWorks we can nance everything from computers and telecommunications to medical, fleet, construction and earth-moving equipment. You can also rent pre-paid water and electricity meters, of ce furniture and ttings. Even kitchen, workshop and turf maintenance equipment can be accommodated. In fact, with RentWorks you can rent virtually any movable asset that your department needs, all from your chosen supplier, at the most cost e ective interest rates available in the market. This, naturally, is good news to any procurement manager or department head striving to retain levels of service with outdated tools. By promoting rental as a procurement option, government did the taxpayer a huge favour; both in terms of the cost savings achieved through rental, as well as the increased service delivery that you can now provide to your customers at all levels. By partnering with RentWorks, there’s no reason why you, as a public service entity can’t also enjoy the bene ts of structured asset rentals! RentWorks, South Africa’s leading empowered asset rental company, welcomes the challenge of working with all levels of government to usher in a new era of asset procurement in South Africa. for the Public Sector